Be Aware. Be Present. Be Centred.

Just Be Yourself

Be Aware. Be Present. Be Centred.

Just Be Yourself

Health Is Our Most Precious Asset

Immerse yourself in an array of authentic, holistic quality treatments that take care of all your health and beauty needs. When your body is aligned, your state of mind and emotions can become more centred and the metabolism functions optimally.

Founded by Dr. Tracey Foster (Osteopath), naturopath, masseur, & beautician, Be Centred is an integrated wellness clinic that offers the best Byron healing experience. Combining the precision of evidence-based medicine with the art of intuition, Be Centred tailors treatments specific to you and your needs.

Arrive however you are and leave more present, aware of self and empowered to continue your wellness journey.

Be Relaxed &
Centred. Massage

Massage can specifically address musculoskeletal concerns related to headache, pain, lymphatic congestion, fatigue and insomnia as well as old injuries. Choose between relaxation, deep tissue and pregnancy massage.

Be. Aligned. Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a non-invasive form of manual bodywork focusing on promoting health for all the body’s integrated systems. It aligns the musculoskeletal framework by focusing on the joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system.

Be Well. Natural
Integrated Medicine

Creating good health is much more than the ‘absence of disease’. Our customised holistic health treatment plans are generated and targeted to support your wellbeing for your health concerns. We have a full naturopathic dispensary on site.

Be Rebalanced.
Energetic Medicine.

Enjoy a realignment within your subtle energetic body (aura) utilising pressure points, Reiki, chakra balancing and crystals to enhance greater health and understanding of what your metaphysical body in telling you.

Be Your Kind of Beauty. Facials

The ultimate in tailored and functional pampering for intensive rejuvenation leaving your skin radiant and revitalised. We use Australian made organic skincare, based on herbs, homeopathy and nutrients.

Be Revitalised. Packages

Revitalise with a package specifically designed to nourish, balance and renew you from head to toe. Package options may include your choice of full body massage, osteopathic or naturopathic consultations, dry needling, energetic alignment, facial or pedicure.

Be Centred is the place to simply BE, have a specifically dedicated treatment and ultimately Be well.